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                      THE CHINABERRY STORY


SEJATI offers a wide range of Chinaberry wood carvings.  I have been asked numerous times to explain the story behind the unique blisters utilized in Chinaberry carvings.

The story begins with a bird flying and landing on a branch of a Chinaberry tree.  The bird defecates on the limb, and that waste contains seeds of an orchid.  Remember your Biology 101 – orchids are parasitic plants.  If conditions are right, a seed will germinate and begin to grow, securing itself to the tree limb by its roots.  The tree forms a blister as its defense against the orchid.  If the blister is not removed, ultimately it will cause the tree to die.  SEJATI employs several people who travel around the forests, removing only the limbs that blisters have formed on.  For SEJATI, it is a win-win situation; we save a tree and in the process, have a continuous supply of completely unique blisters from which a myriad of products are carved. 

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