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One of the great joys of having been a buyer for 28 years, I have developed relationships with many unique individuals. This collection is reflective of these relationships. For example, several members of former Dutch colonial administrators for the country of Indonesia have come to me with personal collections from their parents. None of these items fit into any specific category. Several years ago, at the request of a friend, I went and looked at, and eventually purchased, the front wall of a house. The wall was carved using what is known as double-faced carving. In other words, the carving on the exterior wall was mirror- imaged on the interior wall. I bought the house, removed the front wall and gave the house back to the seller. That wall is 38 feet long, the wood was harvested in 1897 and the sill measures 18 X 20 inches of solid teakwood. The wall is now in the collection of people who provide authentic backgrounds for movie sets. Check out this collection often as its contents often change.
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