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The island of Bali in Indonesia is home to the largest Hindu enclave outside of India. The rituals of polytheistic worship permeate the daily lives of over three million inhabitants and is said to be a contributing factor in their prestigious art output.
The people of Bali represent some of the worlds most talented wood carvers. It is often said the close-knit family structure coupled with an admirable work ethic, provide a seemingly endless supply of new craftsmen. The methods and techniques of creating every day wood carvings for utilitarian and amusement are passed on from the older generation to the newer. Religious sculptures and true to life representations of the natural world produced in wood are the province of a skilled and artistically inclined group of highly trained artisans.
Everyday carvings utilize fast growing softwood species of a highly renewable nature. The larger “artistic” or religious carvings utilize domestically grown hardwoods such as Jackfruit or plantation species. Other woods such as Suar, Chinaberry or Crocodile are readily available.
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